The Awards

The Dads Awards celebrate and recognise the brands and products which Dads themselves love.

The Dads Awards was first launched in 2015, and was a fantastic success in celebrating father friendly brands.

Focus groups, made up of dads, met to assess the all entries into The Dads Awards. They were looking at the quality and practicability of each product, from their specific point of view as a dad. They also assessed how each product was marketed, and how dad-inclusive each product was.

There were 43 product award winners in 2015, with Stokke and BabyBjorn jointly winning the overall category ‘Most Dad Friendly Brand’.

Winners of some of the awards were revealed on stage at The Baby Show.

The Dads Awards are modern and relevant, as they recognise how involved men are, not only in the day-to-day parenting, but also the purchases being made for their families.

All products which are shortlisted in their categories will also be be entered, free-of-charge, into the shortlist for our prestigious headline award for The Dads ‘Most Dad-Friendly Brand’ – this award specifically looks to reward the best brands who incorporate positive representation of dads into their marketing.

We invite entries from brands in as many categories they wish to enter. Entry costs £95 per product – products can be entered in up to three relevant categories, inclusive of this fee.

Enter more than one product (must be from the same manufacturer), and gain 10% discount on all subsequent entries. Enter your product/s online here or contact us to request an Entry Pro Forma to be sent via email.

Please note the closing date for entries is 31st October 2018. 

Award Benefits

All winners and runners up of the awards will receive a winners pack which will include publicity materials to celebrate their win and the relevant The Dads Award emblem to be displayed as wished.

The award winners will be announced via social media for maximum brand exposure.

All winners and runners-up will be listed on The Dads website throughout 2019 with branding and web links.

This will give all those celebrated by The Dads, a fantastic platform for public promotion, with recognition & alignment of their brand/product to positive fatherhood, family-friendly values and high quality practice.

Winners of The Dads Awards 2019, will be announced in March 2019.