Award Categories

Are The Dads Awards relevant to you? Yes! Our awards are relevant to any brand and/or product which is designed for use by parents.

Products or brands do not have to be specifically for, or targeted, at Dads. While we welcome entries from products which are, we expect the majority of entries will not be.

What makes our awards different, is that it is dads who decide the winners, based on which products, as dads, they like best. This takes place through online voting and dad focus groups.

The Dads Awards 2019 Categories

If you are not certain which categories apply to your brand/product, please contact us and we advise you of the most appropriate.

The award categories for 2019 are:

Best Dads Product

Best Potty Training Product

Best Weaning Product

Best Changing Bag

Best Baby Carrier

Best Baby Monitor

Best Clothing Range  0-3 years

Best Clothing Range 4-7 years

Best product invented by a Dad

Best Reusable Nappy

Best family game/toy

Best outdoor toy

Best eco/sustainable/green toy

Best baby/toddler cup

Best ethical product

Best Disposable Nappy

Best Baby Wipes

Best Innovative Product

Best travel product

Best Safety Product

Best Baby Car Seat (under 15 months)

Best Toddler/Preschooler Car Seat

Best Child Car Seat (4 years and over)

Best Bathtime product

Best Toothcare/Teething Product

Best Pushchair/travel system under £500

Best Pushchair/travel system over £500

Best Sleep Product

Best Highchair

Best Toy 0-1yrs

Best Toy 1-5yrs

Best Toy 5-10yrs

Best Family Day Out

Best App/Program