How To Enter Products

Entry couldn’t be simpler, below we have given the answers to some of the common questions, if your question isn’t answered below then please use the contact form to send us your question and we will answer you directly.

Can we enter more than one product?

You can enter as many products as you like, each product will need its own entry form completed. For 2 or 3 products from the same manufacturer/brand these will receive a 10% discount. For more than 3 products a discount of 25% will be applied to all entries.

How much does it cost to enter?

For PR companies and Brands submitting entries for judging the cost is £89 per product. This allows selecting up to 3 categories.If you wish to receive feedback from the user groups on your products this costs an extra £25 per product. Bespoke work from focus groups can be achieved please contact us with your inquiry.

How are the winners decided?
For the products entered these will be shortlisted by a user group, the short list will then be subject to both a public vote and a user group voting panel. Both scores will be added together to decided the winner.

Do we need to supply samples of our products

Yes all entries will be required to send in at least one of their products to be tested, for some items we may require more than one sample i.e bath products. If this is the case you will be informed of this on submitting your intial entry form and before invoicing

Will the samples be returned?

Samples will not be returned, after the Awards, they will either be auctioned of in support of Love for Logan, used for competitions  given to hardship cases or disposed of at our discretion

Please read the terms and condition before entering


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